When Food Sovereignty is the Answer

Our food choices are shaped by a wide range of factors – everything from personal and family preferences, dietary needs, our values, what we can afford, and what’s available. A commonly held perception is that if we “vote” with our dollars, then food retailers will respond. Our market system is much more complex, however, and this belief masks the complex and multiple ways in which … Continue reading When Food Sovereignty is the Answer

Factory Goop

This is the first in a series of food labeling articles I plan on writing over the next few months, on “factory goop”…the stuff listed on ingredient labels that we have no clue as to what they are. Take the term “modified milk ingredients” for example…because milk may undergo a number of changes during processing, it cannot be called milk on the label anymore, therefore … Continue reading Factory Goop

Adventures in Cheese: Make Your Own Mozzarella and Paneer

DO-IT-YOURSELF MOZZARELLA I’ve been wanting to make mozzarella for years.  There’s something about learning a mysterious process that takes one familiar thing (milk) and transforms it into another familiar thing (cheese) that I find irresistible!   After I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle book, where she tells the story of her family’s pledge to buy food grown or produced in their own community or learn … Continue reading Adventures in Cheese: Make Your Own Mozzarella and Paneer