Backyard Shiitake Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms! They are such fantastical life forms, evoking thoughts of fairies and fairy rings with deeply entrenched folklore. Or smurfs. I will do you all a favour and avoid punny reference to “fun guys” but once you try your hand … Continue reading

Building up Skills, at the the Food UP!Skilling Festival

We all know that food is central to our lives, and it just never ceases to amaze me how the intricate details of turning honey into a delicious fermented cocktail, or harvesting weeds from the garden to make medicine, can … Continue reading

Berried Treasures: How to Freeze and Dehydrate Berries

Our blog post today comes from Food Action Committee volunteer extraordinaire, Katrina Ross.  You can check out her blog at ~~ In my limited experience with preserving fruit, the only way I know how to do so without using … Continue reading