Cooking With Kids: Simple Kid-Friendly Recipes

Trying to get kids eating healthy can be difficult. Trying to get them to eat local, seasonal, sometimes unfamiliar veggies can be even more of a challenge. But pairing some seasonal fruits and vegetables with other foods they’re more familiar with can be a good way to ease kids into eating, and thinking more locally and sustainably. With a little creativity, you might find that … Continue reading Cooking With Kids: Simple Kid-Friendly Recipes

How to make yummy pizza dough from scratch…It’s EASY!

I didn’t believe it, but it’s true, making pizza dough from scratch is really simple. It is also fun, and doesn’t take a lot of time. Plus, it saves a lot of $dough$ too (pardon the pun!). There’s no more excuses for not giving it a try! I recently had the opportunity to receive a private lesson from a baking guru friend of mine.  I … Continue reading How to make yummy pizza dough from scratch…It’s EASY!

Pizza in the Park

In my foodie dreams, there exist a green space where warm summer evenings can be spent cooking food outside.  A shared space, where friends gather and cook together. While others relax on blankets. Kids run around and play. I run around and play. All the while, delicious food smells wafting through the summer air… Well. Guess what? This place exists. In real life. For serious. … Continue reading Pizza in the Park

Italian Bread and Pizza

A while back, I sent an email far and wide in search of seniors interested in leading seasonal cooking classes with FAC. On a cold Saturday in February, one unexpected email response proved very fruitful. While Mike is not a senior, he is a professional baker with a passion for pizza and a knack for teaching. With his expertise, a group of us spent the … Continue reading Italian Bread and Pizza