What is a Sustainable Diet?

We often hear messages about healthy eating to support a healthy, active lifestyle, such as limiting sugar and salt and eating enough vegetables and fruits. We’ve also been hearing more about environmental aspects of the foods we eat, such as whether food production, processing and distribution contribute to climate change, impact biodiversity, and protect healthy soils, fresh water, oceans, and air. These messages come as … Continue reading What is a Sustainable Diet?

Fracking, Farming and Food

I’m sure many people have heard the term fracking in the media lately. So what is fracking and how does it impact our lives and our food system? Fracking is a term used for hydraulic fracturing, which is a method used to obtain natural gas from shale rock. In order to access the natural gas, large amounts of water, mixed with sand and chemicals are pumped … Continue reading Fracking, Farming and Food