Food Connections in a New Place

Food connects to us to different cultural traditions and to the people, lands and waters in different parts of the world. The reverse is also true; travelling can make us miss all the foods of home. But, neither of these … Continue reading

The Next Wave in Local Food

Photo of people in front of Wolfville Farmers' Market

Farmers’ markets are in abundance in Nova Scotia; they play an important role in our local food economy and in our communities. Uniquely, farmers’ markets gain both their stability and opportunity for growth through the relationships that they foster. The … Continue reading

Different Problems, Different Solutions: Food Waste and Household Food Insecurity

You’ve likely been hearing a lot more about food waste lately. It is a significant problem and not easy to fix. There are many reasons that food is wasted at every stage from land and sea to our kitchens. For … Continue reading

How does my smoothie grow? A 4th Generation Hawaiian Fruit Farm

On my recent (and wonderful!) trip to Hawaii I did a lovely farm tour on a 4th generation fruit farm and learned that there are a lot of similarities in the food security challenges faced in Nova Scotia as Hawaii. … Continue reading

Growing Farmers Markets in Cumberland County

For the third year in a row now, the Ecology Action Centre’s Our Food Project has partnered with the Cumberland Food Action Network (CFAN), to produce a handy reference for locating local farmers markets in Cumberland County, NS. The Farmers … Continue reading

How Do We Count What Counts?!

My favourite quote and a good reminder for me as an evaluator: Telling stories to convey value I’ve written a few blog posts about measurement. One was about food snapshots I compiled as a baseline indicator for change over time. The … Continue reading

Learning Alongside Students: food security in Canada

Collaborating on Students Projects At the Our Food Project we are often approached by students and teachers to take on interns. This can be both a huge opportunity–working with energized and talented individuals and groups, hungry for real world application … Continue reading

Exploring Positive Capacity-Building Practices for Community Food Systems

My name is Stephanie McGlashan and I am doing my honours thesis at Acadia University. I am writing on food systems in a service learning partnership with the Ecology Action Centre (EAC). I have had the privilege to work with … Continue reading

Fracking, Farming and Food

I’m sure many people have heard the term fracking in the media lately. So what is fracking and how does it impact our lives and our food system? Fracking is a term used for hydraulic fracturing, which is a method used … Continue reading