Three Ways to Preserve Beans

On a hot August night in Nova Scotia, a lovely group of participants joined us in a hot kitchen to learn how to preserve. Hot water bath canning was the main focus of the workshop. But we also wanted to show two other ways of preserving beans: freezing and lacto-fermentation. Hot Water Bath Canning – Fast Favourite Dilly Beans This is when you process your jars … Continue reading Three Ways to Preserve Beans

Making Kimchi

  Ahhh…cabbage.  I really like cabbage, but I often run out of recipe ideas.  There’s just so much cabbage in, well, a cabbage. I recently got a kimchi lesson from my roommate and wanted to walk you through the steps. A big thanks to Janette for the lesson and the recipe! Here’s your ingredient list:For each head of cabbage (nappa or Chinese) you’ll need: 1.5 … Continue reading Making Kimchi

Sauerkraut, Rising Tides and Where It All Began

August 2010 I started working with Marla and the Food Action Committee in August. I had been living in Toronto, working at the Toronto Refugee Community Non-Profit Homes and Services, for about a year and was looking forward to moving home and being close to the ocean again. Starting a local food focused job in August in Nova Scotia is like jumping into a huge … Continue reading Sauerkraut, Rising Tides and Where It All Began