Getting Back to Basics in Cumberland

I recently had the pleasure of attending some food skills programming at Maggie’s Place Family Resource Centre in Amherst. Starting in early October, Maggie’s Place has been running a series of weekly food skills workshops focusing on cooking fundamentals. Everything … Continue reading

Local Food Workshop with Community Food Mentors

From April 16th to 18th this year the Town of Riverview New Brunswick hosted “Sustaina-palooza” – a three-day action-packed event to share community success stories, generate a dialogue about sustainability and ignite ideas for building resilient and prosperous communities. Our Food Southeast New Brunswick … Continue reading

Building up Skills, at the the Food UP!Skilling Festival

We all know that food is central to our lives, and it just never ceases to amaze me how the intricate details of turning honey into a delicious fermented cocktail, or harvesting weeds from the garden to make medicine, can … Continue reading

Lunch and Learn: Food Security

I just came back from a great Lunch and Learn session at the Seaport Farmers Market that was co-ordinated by the Women’s Community Space at the YWCA.  The meeting was designed as a community-based brainstorm session to discuss access to nutritious food in NS.  It was a great opportunity to share experiences and ideas on how to strengthen food security in Nova Scotia from diverse groups all over the province.

Lil from The Wooden Monkey started us off with a rousing talk about the importance of food sovereignty in Nova Scotia and spoke passionately about the importance of eating REAL food that is grown in Nova Scotia in a sustainable way.

We eventually broke off into small groups to discuss the issues around food security that sometimes get neglected in larger discussions.   Increasing confidence in our community’s food skills, and looking for ways to increase accessibility were common threads in most of the group discussions.  It was really inspiring to talk to people across different communities to realize that we all want to work toward the same goals.  I came away from the meeting with a lot of enthusiasm about planning our own canning and preserving workshops with the EAC this summer.

What does food security mean to YOU?  What kind of food skills do you want to gain in order to strengthen your own food security in your community?