Sticking Your Fork to Climate Change!

We’ve all heard about climate change, right? We may not always be able to discern the changes we’re experiencing because of it, but our planet needs help. Last week, the UN’s intergovernmental panel on climate change released a report detailing … Continue reading

Different Problems, Different Solutions: Food Waste and Household Food Insecurity

You’ve likely been hearing a lot more about food waste lately. It is a significant problem and not easy to fix. There are many reasons that food is wasted at every stage from land and sea to our kitchens. For … Continue reading

Meal Planning 101

Ah, January. The time of new year’s resolutions. One common resolution I’ve been hearing a lot lately is, “This year I’m going to plan my meals!” Food waste is a big environmental issue.  According to a recent study, $27 billion … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Food…food waste, that is

Did you know that 25% of food purchased and/or served is wasted?! Pretty upsetting, no? I’ve been thinking about food waste; like, how food often gets forgotten in the back of our big refrigerators – veggies rotting, cheese molding and … Continue reading