Abundant August – by guest blogger Sarah Smith

Oh August… you are so intense!  Just like last year … you are a month packed full of change, surges of activity, excess and heat!  Oh, the heat, the growth spurts in the garden, the abundance of giant harvests of wild berries, multiple preserving projects and the energy of the long days filled with sun and work! Harvest is just beginning with many things that … Continue reading Abundant August – by guest blogger Sarah Smith

WILD about Foraging for Food

Every summer solstice the Wild Caraway Restaurant hosts a fabulous wild edibles dinner which is so superlatively divine it’d blow your socks off. The 8th Annual Foraging Dinner held this past June 21st was no exception. Owned by the authentic and energetic duo of Andrew Aitken and Sarah Greibel, the Wild Caraway (WC) is located in Advocate Harbour, a remote village in Cumberland County. The … Continue reading WILD about Foraging for Food

Fiddlehead Fever

Nothing says it’s spring more than fiddleheads! These tightly furled shoots of the Ostrich Fern are named for their resemblance to the head of a fiddle (violin). This fern typically grows in moist, shady environments, which are commonplace in rural NS. For folks around these parts, foraging for fiddleheads is engrained in the culture. As a come from away, it has taken me several years … Continue reading Fiddlehead Fever