Breastmilk: Food security for the littlest ones

I have recently returned to the Ecology Action Centre from maternity leave and was struggling for a topic to write about for the blog. Truthfully, my reintroduction to the office hasn’t been fertile ground for blog post ideas. (200 words on setting up my email? Fascinating, I’m sure.) However, there’s an area of food security that we’ve rarely, if ever, discussed on this blog: breastfeeding … Continue reading Breastmilk: Food security for the littlest ones

Freezing 201: How to Freeze Your Favourite Produce

Hopefully, you caught our valuable tips in our Freezing 101 blog post.  These suggestions will help ensure that you find it easy to actually use all the fruits and veggies that you freeze this summer.  In this post, we’ll go over the best way to freeze the most common types of produce – but remember to keep your own cooking style in mind when freezing … Continue reading Freezing 201: How to Freeze Your Favourite Produce

Three Ways to Preserve Beans

On a hot August night in Nova Scotia, a lovely group of participants joined us in a hot kitchen to learn how to preserve. Hot water bath canning was the main focus of the workshop. But we also wanted to show two other ways of preserving beans: freezing and lacto-fermentation. Hot Water Bath Canning – Fast Favourite Dilly Beans This is when you process your jars … Continue reading Three Ways to Preserve Beans

Freezing 101: The Basics

We’ve had many people tell us that they’d love to do more preserving, but only have enough time in their lives to freeze their produce. Guess what? Freezing is preserving!  While it may be a little harder to show off than an pantry full of colourful jars of preserves, many people find a freezer full of summer’s bounty is a more practical way to preserve … Continue reading Freezing 101: The Basics