Speaking Up for School Food

Imagine… A young child travelling on the school bus for 45 minutes to get to school. Despite having breakfast, the child’s stomach is growling by the time class starts. A junior high school student with early morning soccer practice. It’s … Continue reading

A Food Policy for Canada: Reasons for (Cautious) Optimism

filleting fish

Halfway through its first term, the federal government has begun to develop a national food policy for Canada, including launching online consultations with Canadians and hosting a summit with stakeholders. This was a commitment made within the ministerial mandate letter … Continue reading

Do Regulations Make Food Safe?

Generally, farmers are not big fans of increased regulations and are always pushing for a streamlining and reduction of regulations. Some farmers and operators in Canada have more influence over this effort than others. And that really shows up in … Continue reading

How to Get Involved with the Political Process

A lot of Nova Scotians who got to take part in Vandana Shiva’s visit to our province last weekend have gotten pretty energized about strengthening food security in our communities, our province, our country and our world.  However, many of … Continue reading