Salads for All Seasons

Salads aren’t just for spring and summer, when the local produce is plentiful – you can adapt a salad dramatically depending on what’s in season. Here are a few of our favourite salads and rice bowls for now or later. GREEN GODDESS RICE BOWLFrom Eating by the Seasons 1 head broccoli1 head bok choy, torn1 bunch green kale, torn1 bunch swiss chard, torn6 cups cooked … Continue reading Salads for All Seasons

Adventures in Winter Gardening

The weather today was so lovely that I almost started feeling that spring had finally arrived.  I’m too much of a weather pragmatist to trust that is the case, although I’ve learned that gardening in our climate can really surprise you when it comes to what you thought was possible. Last autumn I caught the 4-season gardening bug after reading Niki Jabbour’s great book, The … Continue reading Adventures in Winter Gardening

Early August CSA Box: Four Ways

There’s always a flurry of excitement in the office when the weekly delivery of CSA boxes arrives.  We peek in the boxes.  There’s generally some oohing and ahhing over the unusual items and then the recipe-brainstorming begins.  I thought it would be interesting to compare a few people’s weekly meals to see how each of us approached the same ingredients. Last week’s CSA box contained … Continue reading Early August CSA Box: Four Ways

How to Keep Your CSA or Market Veggies Fresh All Week

This year, my husband and I bought into a whole CSA share,  which gives us a lot of veggies to deal with every week.  It kind of reminds me of when we used to make our weekly visits to the farmers market when you had to wait for Saturday – you come home excited about all the gorgeous produce, and then you quickly realize you … Continue reading How to Keep Your CSA or Market Veggies Fresh All Week

Auspicious Arugula

Curious about arugula?  Looking forward to spring greens? Whitney Hughes, Ashley Cooper, Liz Muggah, Andrea Clarke and Brianne Barteaux, nutrition students at Acadia University, tell us all about it.

Arugula is a leafy salad green, much like spinach. It is very nutrient dense, but not as commonly eaten as other greens. We hope this blog post will be informative, spark an interest in trying this vegetable, and encourage you to be adventurous in your everyday produce selections. Continue reading “Auspicious Arugula”

Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Curry, Hodge Podge and more

Before we head into the fall cooking series, we wanted to fill you in on our cooking workshops from the summer.

We kicked off our Intergenerational Food Connectors Project with a summer cooking series.  On July 14, 21, and 28 we gathered to learn from our experienced instructors.  Recipes ranged from Indian dishes to traditional Nova Scotian fare.  We also had two local farmers stop by, Dave Bethune and Amy Lounder, to share their farming experiences with us. Continue reading “Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Curry, Hodge Podge and more”