Holiday Traditions from our Farm

Written by guest blogger, Kim Tilsley from GlenRyan Farms in Margaree Harbour, Cape Breton. This time of year is all about traditions; rituals and customs that bring meaning and comfort to the season. Not surprisingly many of these involve food in one way or another. I’d like to share a couple from my family. Foodie Tree Ornament: Many families have cherished decorations for the Christmas … Continue reading Holiday Traditions from our Farm

Wild Cranberry Sauce Cook-off

Recently, a friend invited me to pick wild cranberries in one of Halifax’s amazing wild spaces. I had never seen cranberries in action (aka growing) and was expecting medium size bushes surrounding a bog. I was – of course – mistaken. Picking cranberries is nothing like the death-defying adventure of blackberry picking – something I had been doing quite a bit lately in the name … Continue reading Wild Cranberry Sauce Cook-off