Summer in Cumberland County: All the gossip

Despite having a challenging growing season this year here in Cumberland County, our local farms and community gardens are doing really well. With above normal temperatures and a drought to boot, some farmers were very worried about their wells running … Continue reading

Five Awesome Kale Recipes

I wanted to write a blog post about how awesome kale is but then I realized just how much information was already here about kale. Therefore, I thought I’d bring some of the great kale recipes on the blog together … Continue reading

A Make-Ahead, Portable Lunch

As a student with a hectic week-day schedule, it’s taken a lot of planning to make sure I pack meals to eat between classes at school.  I’ve scoped out all the public microwaves on campus, but sometimes it’s nice to … Continue reading

Making the most of your CSA Box

Megan Gray is back with another post for Thinking Inside the Box.  She’s a member of the TapRoot Farm CSA. ~~~ It finally it seems that we have suddenly landed in the middle of summer, and the long sunny days … Continue reading

Berried Treasures: How to Freeze and Dehydrate Berries

Our blog post today comes from Food Action Committee volunteer extraordinaire, Katrina Ross.  You can check out her blog at ~~ In my limited experience with preserving fruit, the only way I know how to do so without using … Continue reading

Kale to the Chief

Welcome to the latest installment of ‘Thinking Inside the Box’ from Jon Geneau. Great minds think alike, and clearly kale and strawberries are on everyone’s minds these days. Jon, who hadn’t attended, or seen the menu for, our cooking class, … Continue reading