Bittersweet (Sounds like two parts of a perfect bite)

I’m usually a happy person. Overtly happy some may say.  Perhaps even happily excitable and loud to the point of annoyance, so I’ve been told… However, my usual happy demeanor has been blemished by a bittersweet moment. Tarnished by the … Continue reading

The 2015 Annual Our Food Project Farm Tour

This week we had our annual farm tour with our community partners from Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre and ISANS. Every year we bring together about 50 gardeners from across the city, load them onto a bus, and head off … Continue reading

The 2014 Our Food Project Farm Tour!

A couple of weeks ago, the Our Food team had the pleasure of running a Farm Tour with two of our partner organizations – gardeners from Immigration Settlement and Integration Services (ISIS) and from the Bayers Westwood Family Resource Centre … Continue reading