Photo of people in front of Wolfville Farmers' Market

The Next Wave in Local Food

Farmers’ markets are in abundance in Nova Scotia; they play an important role in our local food economy and in our communities. Uniquely, farmers’ markets gain both their stability and opportunity for growth through the relationships that they foster. The Wolfville Farmers’ Market (WFM) began in 1992 with three vendors in a parking lot in the middle of town. It has now grown into a … Continue reading The Next Wave in Local Food

Down North! – Cape Breton Community Food North of Smokey

If you call it “Up North” the locals know you’re not from here. “Up North is Nunavut!” laughs Yvette Rogers. “You know why they call it Down North? Because that’s the way the water flows. So when you head north, the water takes you down”. In a place where a bulk of the food has come from the sea, it seems to make perfect sense. … Continue reading Down North! – Cape Breton Community Food North of Smokey

Warehouse Market in Halifax North End

As I walk down Isleville street, through Halifax’s North End, it’s quiet and familiar, however I come across a warehouse with the doors wide open. I peer inside… wait a second… there’s quite the buzz in there! People are coming and going, chit chatting, and buying fresh and local veggies, seafood, eggs, meat, and even kombucha! It’s the Isleville Warehouse Market, a recent addition to … Continue reading Warehouse Market in Halifax North End

The Mobile Food Market is rolling in to a community near you!

I often wonder what people might say if you ask them the question: What’s your vision for food in your community? Does it include things like community gardens and orchards, fresh food markets and healthy corner stores, community kitchens, and specialty grocery stores with foods from your home country… what else?? In cities across North America, communities and their local governments are starting to re-define … Continue reading The Mobile Food Market is rolling in to a community near you!

Food and the City

It’s an exciting time for food in Halifax.  In recent years, Halifax has joined the long list of Canadian cities that are engaging with food security and community food project. Across Canada, there are over 60 municipal food policy initiatives.   Inspired by these initiatives, the Halifax Food Policy Alliance (formerly the Halifax Food Strategy Group) was born.  Nearly two years ago a group began meeting … Continue reading Food and the City

Fiskars Project at Common Roots Urban Farm

In the early morning (7:30 AM) of June 19th, a plethora of volunteers met beneath a rain resistant tent at Common Roots Urban Farm (CRUF); at their avail were a selection of egg muffins, juices and coffee supplied through Jane’s of Halifax.  With rain on the horizon, this group, along with organizers from Fiskars and Canadian tire embarked upon an incredible task to build a … Continue reading Fiskars Project at Common Roots Urban Farm

Farm Profile: Cochrane Family Farms

This is the second of hopefully many short profiles to bring light to the great work that small farmers do in their communities to make them better places to live and work, while providing them with great quality food.  Contact us at 902-477-1077 or in the comments below if you’d like to write about a local farm that enriches your community! I recently had the … Continue reading Farm Profile: Cochrane Family Farms

Curious About CSAs?

First delivery of the 2011 season

I’ve been asked several times in the last  week about CSA food boxes.  (Clearly the cold, gray days of winter have us all thinking about summer veggies.) So, I thought it was time to get some discussion going about this alternative method of buying food, as CSA sign ups are starting. Continue reading “Curious About CSAs?”