Making the Most of the Animals We Eat

Recently I had the opportunity to attend a workshop at the Devour Food Film Fest titled from Nose to Tail. As the name would suggest, the workshop detailed how to use all of the parts of our fine furred friend, the pig. Typical of the high caliber Devour experience the workshop was facilitated by two foodie heavy hitters, Scott Vivian of Beast in Toronto and Chris Vilden of … Continue reading Making the Most of the Animals We Eat

Farm Profile: Holdanca Farms

This post comes to us from Helen Verbanz, a dedicated FAC member and volunteer who wanted to share a bit about Holdanca Farms, a farm based in Cumberland Country who delivers chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and pork twice a month to customers in the Halifax Regional Municipality. John Dynisveld runs Holdanca farm along with his family, and is a passionate proponent of pastured raised, free-range … Continue reading Farm Profile: Holdanca Farms

Deli-cious: A Recipe for Corned Beef

Deli isn’t the bland-long-ago-sliced-meats-wrapped-in-plastic one finds at the local hyper-market. Who actually buys that stuff? Deli – short for delicatessen – is the somewhat forgotten art of cured meats, the showpiece of 20th century Jewish urban restaurant culture. If you’re in Toronto, visit Caplanski’s deli near Kensington or Panzer’s up north on the Jewish corridor of Bathurst St. In Montreal, hit Schwartz’s on the Main … Continue reading Deli-cious: A Recipe for Corned Beef

Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Curry, Hodge Podge and more

Before we head into the fall cooking series, we wanted to fill you in on our cooking workshops from the summer.

We kicked off our Intergenerational Food Connectors Project with a summer cooking series.  On July 14, 21, and 28 we gathered to learn from our experienced instructors.  Recipes ranged from Indian dishes to traditional Nova Scotian fare.  We also had two local farmers stop by, Dave Bethune and Amy Lounder, to share their farming experiences with us. Continue reading “Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Curry, Hodge Podge and more”