Crazy for Kale

This nutritious, lettuce-like vegetable is grown mainly in the fall season and is preferably harvested after the first frost, which sweetens the naturally bitter tasting leaves. From August well into the winter months it is harvested and sold in bunches at Farmers’ Markets across Nova Scotia. If you’re growing kale at home, the outer leaves can be continuously picked during the fall and this will … Continue reading Crazy for Kale

Garlic 101: How to grow, harvest, store, and enjoy your own garlic

It’s garlic season! Our favorite time of year. Below are some basics to get started on growing, harvesting, and storing your own garlic. Garlic adds a punch to meals year-round, has strong medicinal qualities (great for preventing colds!), and is so easy to grow! Plus – growing garlic can be a big money saver as you begin to build your own garlic supply. 1. CHOOSING … Continue reading Garlic 101: How to grow, harvest, store, and enjoy your own garlic

Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Cod, Kale and Blueberries

On Jan 25,  we had our first cooking class of the Wintertime Harvest series, and what a yummy success it was!

Our instructor, Katrina, a nutrition student from Mount Saint Vincent University and dedicated Food Action Committee volunteer, joined us to share some delicious and nutritious recipes with everyone. Being a nutrition student, Katrina planned a meal for us that was refined sugar, lactose and gluten free.  She was very informative about the health and environmental benefits of this kind of diet! Continue reading “Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Cod, Kale and Blueberries”

Presto! Pesto!

I recently had a conversation with a canning workshop participant about her adventures in basil pesto. She bought up 40 cups of basil at the farmer market, and made 22 cups of basil pesto to freeze. Yum!

This conversation reminded me that I had been meaning to post a recipe for pesto – ’tis the season for bulk basil – and discuss some alternatives to basil in pesto. Continue reading “Presto! Pesto!”

Thinking Inside The Box: Making the Most of Your CSA Box

Megan Gray is back with another post for Thinking Inside the Box.  She’s a member of the TapRoot Farm CSA.


It finally it seems that we have suddenly landed in the middle of summer, and the long sunny days have meant my that my weekly veggie box is bursting with peas, carrots, potatoes, zucchinis, greens, greens, and more greens, and other in-season treasures. So how to make the most of this abundance? Continue reading “Thinking Inside The Box: Making the Most of Your CSA Box”


Spring Cooking Class Recipes: Fresh Pasta, Dips and Maple Ice Cream

The third and final class of the Promises of Spring local food cooking class series was taught by yet another Ecology Action Centre staff member – Jennifer West, Groundwater Coordinator AND lover of local food! I had been looking forward to this class for quite some time as it included handmade pasta. While Jen brought a handy tool for thinning and cutting the pasta, it is … Continue reading Spring Cooking Class Recipes: Fresh Pasta, Dips and Maple Ice Cream

Italian Bread and Pizza

A while back, I sent an email far and wide in search of seniors interested in leading seasonal cooking classes with FAC. On a cold Saturday in February, one unexpected email response proved very fruitful. While Mike is not a senior, he is a professional baker with a passion for pizza and a knack for teaching. With his expertise, a group of us spent the … Continue reading Italian Bread and Pizza