Getting Back to Basics in Cumberland

I recently had the pleasure of attending some food skills programming at Maggie’s Place Family Resource Centre in Amherst. Starting in early October, Maggie’s Place has been running a series of weekly food skills workshops focusing on cooking fundamentals. Everything … Continue reading

Local farm contributes food and fun-filled learning

I recently had the pleasure of leading a food skills workshop with some lovely women at Autumn House in Amherst, NS ( We got together to cook a lunch from scratch and while it may not sound too eventful, it … Continue reading

Fiddlehead Fever

Nothing says it’s Spring more than fiddleheads! These tightly furled shoots of the Ostrich Fern are named for their resemblance to the head of a fiddle (violin). This fern typically grows in moist, shady environments, which are commonplace in rural … Continue reading

Homemade Applesauce made by St. George’s Youth Net

This blog post comes from Maria, one of our Dalhousie University Nursing student interns.  Stay tuned for more posts from these two, as they’ve got a series of cooking workshops planned for the fall. 

One Thursday after school at St. George’s Youthnet, my fellow student nurse Candice and I were setting up pots, cutting boards, peelers, and yummy apples, spices, and sugar for a cooking class with kids ranging from 6 to 12 years of age. We were blessed to have the help of Keltie a former EAC employee who volunteered to show us the ropes for our first cooking workshop. Continue reading