Salads for All Seasons

Salads aren’t just for spring and summer, when the local produce is plentiful – you can adapt a salad dramatically depending on what’s in season. Here are a few of our favourite salads and rice bowls for now or later. GREEN GODDESS RICE BOWLFrom Eating by the Seasons 1 head broccoli1 head bok choy, torn1 bunch green kale, torn1 bunch swiss chard, torn6 cups cooked … Continue reading Salads for All Seasons

Beet Those Winter Blues!

Beets are a versatile and delicious vegetable. Both the beet and its greens are edible, and can be used in a variety of tasty and simple dishes. Beets come in a red-purple colour, as well as golden-yellow. They’re a good source of potassium, a nutrient that helps the body maintain a healthy blood pressure; and folate, a nutrient that’s especially important for pregnant women and … Continue reading Beet Those Winter Blues!

Cooking With Kids: Simple Kid-Friendly Recipes

Trying to get kids eating healthy can be difficult. Trying to get them to eat local, seasonal, sometimes unfamiliar veggies can be even more of a challenge. But pairing some seasonal fruits and vegetables with other foods they’re more familiar with can be a good way to ease kids into eating, and thinking more locally and sustainably. With a little creativity, you might find that … Continue reading Cooking With Kids: Simple Kid-Friendly Recipes

Food Mentoring at the Amherst Food Bank

I recently had the pleasure of joining one of our partner organizations with some food programming at the Amherst Food Bank. Once a month or so, staff from Maggie’s Place Family Resource Centre (, show up at the food bank with food samples and recipes to share with food bank users. The food samples sometimes showcase seasonal fruit and vegetables, but often they incorporate food … Continue reading Food Mentoring at the Amherst Food Bank

Auspicious Arugula

Curious about arugula?  Looking forward to spring greens? Whitney Hughes, Ashley Cooper, Liz Muggah, Andrea Clarke and Brianne Barteaux, nutrition students at Acadia University, tell us all about it.

Arugula is a leafy salad green, much like spinach. It is very nutrient dense, but not as commonly eaten as other greens. We hope this blog post will be informative, spark an interest in trying this vegetable, and encourage you to be adventurous in your everyday produce selections. Continue reading “Auspicious Arugula”

Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Cod, Kale and Blueberries

On Jan 25,  we had our first cooking class of the Wintertime Harvest series, and what a yummy success it was!

Our instructor, Katrina, a nutrition student from Mount Saint Vincent University and dedicated Food Action Committee volunteer, joined us to share some delicious and nutritious recipes with everyone. Being a nutrition student, Katrina planned a meal for us that was refined sugar, lactose and gluten free.  She was very informative about the health and environmental benefits of this kind of diet! Continue reading “Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Cod, Kale and Blueberries”

Spring Cooking Class Recipes: Flavours of India, Foods of Nova Scotia

Last night we hosted one of our most popular cooking workshops to date: Indian Food! Satya Ramen was our intrepid instructor.  Satya explained the differences between dals, how to make clarified butter and ghee, and then led us through 3 main dishes, a salad, raita, and dessert! The menu: Potato Masala Palak Paneer Dal Fry Raita Carrot and Apple Salad Semolina Pudding We found all … Continue reading Spring Cooking Class Recipes: Flavours of India, Foods of Nova Scotia

Gourmet at Home: Recipes from Chef Steven Galvin

Wow. When I asked Chef Steven Galvin to create a menu highlighting Nova Scotia’s winter fare, I did not expect this. Embracing the season, Chef Galvin sent me to the farmer’s market for turnip, beets, line-caught haddock, apples, winter pears, and goat’s cheese. Menu: Beet Salad with Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Line Caught Haddock and Baked Turnip Cassoulet and Local Goat Cheese Cake with … Continue reading Gourmet at Home: Recipes from Chef Steven Galvin

Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Smoked Mackeral Pate and Cranberry Pudding

Well, the second class in the winter series was certainly decadent – smoked mackerel pate, golden beet salad, parsnip and apple slaw, lamb risotto, lobster risotto and cranberry steam pudding with a butterscotch sauce. It was… delicious. Christine, class participant, foodie and photographer extraordinaire (check out Wonky Eye), snapped a few photos during the course of the evening. Being that a photo is worth a … Continue reading Winter Cooking Class Recipes: Smoked Mackeral Pate and Cranberry Pudding

What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?

…and how do you eat them? The name, “Jerusalem artichoke”, is somewhat misleading.  Botanically-named helianthus tuberosus, the Jerusalem artichoke is neither from Jerusalem nor an artichoke. The name, Jerusalem artichoke, is thought to be a corruption of the Italian “Griasole Articiocco,” meaning “turns toward the sun”.  Jerusalem artichokes are also called sunchokes. The Jerusalem artichoke is native to North America.  It is a tuber of … Continue reading What is a Jerusalem Artichoke?