Salted Caramel Fruit Sauce

The lovely Elisabeth Bailey, author of A Taste of the Maritimes: Local, Seasonal Recipes the Whole Year Round, kindly submitted this blog post.  You may remember Elisabeth from our summer 2011 cooking series. Today she’s sharing her recipe for Salted Caramel Fruit Sauce. Put this sauce on ice cream or pound cake. Mix it with sparkling water to make your own soda pop, or with … Continue reading Salted Caramel Fruit Sauce

Deli-cious: A Recipe for Corned Beef

Deli isn’t the bland-long-ago-sliced-meats-wrapped-in-plastic one finds at the local hyper-market. Who actually buys that stuff? Deli – short for delicatessen – is the somewhat forgotten art of cured meats, the showpiece of 20th century Jewish urban restaurant culture. If you’re in Toronto, visit Caplanski’s deli near Kensington or Panzer’s up north on the Jewish corridor of Bathurst St. In Montreal, hit Schwartz’s on the Main … Continue reading Deli-cious: A Recipe for Corned Beef