Speaking Up for School Food

Imagine… A young child travelling on the school bus for 45 minutes to get to school. Despite having breakfast, the child’s stomach is growling by the time class starts. A junior high school student with early morning soccer practice. It’s a mad rush to get to the field and then class, with no chance to start the day with a healthy breakfast. A child from … Continue reading Speaking Up for School Food

All We are Saying is Give Fresh a Chance!

In June of 2018, the New Brunswick Department of Education and Early Childhood Development released a revised version of its school food policy 711 in support of “Healthier School Food Environments”. The policy does not impact food and beverages that students bring from home. Instead, it applies to food served in schools or school-related events and activities (i.e. cafeterias, classrooms, co-curricular, and extra-curricular events, fundraising … Continue reading All We are Saying is Give Fresh a Chance!

More Than Just Something to Eat

A common question I get as a dietetic student is what drew me into the field and why I wanted to be a dietitian. I give the same answer each time. When I went into my first year of university, I was jokingly afraid of gaining the “freshmen 15.” I thought that taking a nutrition course would teach me about food and how to eat … Continue reading More Than Just Something to Eat