Crazy for Kale

This nutritious, lettuce-like vegetable is grown mainly in the fall season and is preferably harvested after the first frost, which sweetens the naturally bitter tasting leaves. From August well into the winter months it is harvested and sold in bunches at Farmers’ Markets across Nova Scotia. If you’re growing kale at home, the outer leaves can be continuously picked during the fall and this will … Continue reading Crazy for Kale

Teaching Kids About Food: Beware of Branding

Remember back in the day when McDonald’s would you give a free plastic toy when your parents bought you a Happy Meal.  The toy was likely from the latest Disney cartoon, and you reaaally wanted it. “All I have to do is eat a happy meal and I get it for free?!…I can do that!”, you thought. I used to think affiliating food with kids … Continue reading Teaching Kids About Food: Beware of Branding