Beefy Recipes for Pot Roast, Soup and Lasagna

Winter’s so close, and with the arrival of the chilly weather comes a desire for comfort food. If you’ve signed up for a Beef CSA with one of our local farmers, put that certified organic, ethically raised beef to good use with one of these classic, soul-satisfying recipes. BEEF POT ROAST Add some oil to a hot pan, and brown the roast on all sides. … Continue reading Beefy Recipes for Pot Roast, Soup and Lasagna

Pining for Parsnips

The parsnip is a root vegetable that looks like a pale carrot. Much like carrots, you can store parsnips with the leafy tops removed in a breathable plastic bag in your refrigerator for up to 3 or 4 weeks. Remember that when you get vegetables directly from a farmer, they will not have added chemicals or preservatives applied so they may last longer than those … Continue reading Pining for Parsnips

Pumpkin Recipes: From Soup and Pie to Brownies

Isn’t it thoughtful of the seasons to allow pumpkin to be ready, just in time for Thanksgiving? But seriously, pumpkin and other orange squash like hubbard or butternut taste great in everything from soups to breads to brownies…and of course, pumpkin pie. Now is the time of year to buy those lovely little pumpkins or other squashes, and use them in a multitude of wonderful … Continue reading Pumpkin Recipes: From Soup and Pie to Brownies

Crazy for Kale

This nutritious, lettuce-like vegetable is grown mainly in the fall season and is preferably harvested after the first frost, which sweetens the naturally bitter tasting leaves. From August well into the winter months it is harvested and sold in bunches at Farmers’ Markets across Nova Scotia. If you’re growing kale at home, the outer leaves can be continuously picked during the fall and this will … Continue reading Crazy for Kale

So Much Rhubarb!

Ahhhh…‘tis the season for rhubarb. It always seems that folks that don’t have rhubarb in their gardens can’t get enough of this astringent veggie, and those that don’t want it can’t get it out of their garden. If you don’t want it, you probably just don’t know how versatile it is. We’re going to share a few of our favourite recipes to remedy that. STEWED … Continue reading So Much Rhubarb!

Tickled about Turnip

Now that spring is finally here, it’s time to get excited about the fabulous local vegetables this season has to offer. One exciting and less known, or perhaps less popular vegetable is turnip. This delicious veggie is jam packed with vitamins A, K, C and folate, and can offer an extra pow with the role it plays in cataract and cardiovascular disease prevention. Along with … Continue reading Tickled about Turnip

Parsnip and Celeriac Soup: Guest post from Cristina at I Say Nomato

Hello! My name is Cristina and I blog over at I Say Nomato, a site where all the recipes are free from nightshades. I’m so excited to be here! Today I’m sharing a recipe for a hot and hearty Parsnip and Celeriac Soup. Nightshades are vegetables in the family solanacae: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. There are many reasons to eat Nightshade-free, but most are … Continue reading Parsnip and Celeriac Soup: Guest post from Cristina at I Say Nomato

Learning About Leeks is Nothing to Cry About

This post comes to you from the nutrition students at Acadia University, and it’s the first of several from the Food Commodities course.  Curious about the nutritional value of some of your favourite local foods?  We have some answers for you, plus a great recipe for Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Leek Soup!  A big thanks to the students and their professor, Barb Anderson!  This post was written by Abigail Georgitis, Marley Bowen, Danielle Kardynal, Jacquelyn Caravella, and Chelsey Spinney.

Ever wondered what that giant version of a green onion sitting in the produce section of your grocery store is? As it turns out, it’s a leek, which is a cousin to onion and garlic. Leeks come in various packaging, but most often you will see bunches just loosely tied or banded together. Continue reading “Learning About Leeks is Nothing to Cry About”