Winter Vegetable Curry & Homemade Naan

For my first foray into food blogging, I decided to tackle a problem that many face when trying to eat locally: how to bringing big flavor to our tables without relying on the global supply chain. I have a longstanding passion for the big and deep flavors of Indian cooking. However, the flavors of Indian cooking are not readily available in the Maritimes—last time I … Continue reading Winter Vegetable Curry & Homemade Naan

Wild Cranberry Sauce Cook-off

Recently, a friend invited me to pick wild cranberries in one of Halifax’s amazing wild spaces. I had never seen cranberries in action (aka growing) and was expecting medium size bushes surrounding a bog. I was – of course – mistaken. Picking cranberries is nothing like the death-defying adventure of blackberry picking – something I had been doing quite a bit lately in the name … Continue reading Wild Cranberry Sauce Cook-off