Salads for All Seasons

Salads aren’t just for spring and summer, when the local produce is plentiful – you can adapt a salad dramatically depending on what’s in season. Here are a few of our favourite salads and rice bowls for now or later. GREEN GODDESS RICE BOWLFrom Eating by the Seasons 1 head broccoli1 head bok choy, torn1 bunch green kale, torn1 bunch swiss chard, torn6 cups cooked … Continue reading Salads for All Seasons

Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Local Food Asian-Style

For the third and final evening of our summer cooking series, our instructor Nanci coached us through a menu of Asian flavours: Pork (and Tofu) and Greens stirfry, Fresh Spring Rolls, and homemade fortune cookies.  Nanci grew up in her parents’ Chinese restaurant and has also traveled extensively.  Her advice about Asian cooking: Cook at a high heat and quickly.  If you’ve ever had wilty … Continue reading Summer Cooking Class Recipes: Local Food Asian-Style