Written by guest blogger, Kimberlee Bastien from The Old Walsh Farm in Coverdale, New Brunswick. I have a secret to share about lemon trees. They don’t just produce delicious lemons. They also produce tiny, delicate white blossoms that give off the most delectable, sweet, citrusy floral perfume. And despite what you may have read online in other articles, in my experience, they are EASY to … Continue reading HOW TO GROW HUGE LEMONS INDOORS

Holiday Traditions from our Farm

Written by guest blogger, Kim Tilsley from GlenRyan Farms in Margaree Harbour, Cape Breton. This time of year is all about traditions; rituals and customs that bring meaning and comfort to the season. Not surprisingly many of these involve food in one way or another. I’d like to share a couple from my family. Foodie Tree Ornament: Many families have cherished decorations for the Christmas … Continue reading Holiday Traditions from our Farm