No one left behind

This week is an international week of Climate Action, marked by marches, demonstrations and climate strikes held around the world. Youth are leading the way, bringing their outrage and demands for immediate and systemic action on the climate crisis to those in power.  We often talk about climate change and food in relation to the impact of agriculture and the food system on climate change … Continue reading No one left behind

Indigenous Food: Reclaiming Traditions, Rights, and Future

This was written in Unama’ki, also known as Cape Breton, the unceded and traditional lands of the Mik’maq People. We are grateful to the Mi’kmaq for their stewardship of this territory, so that we may all continue to be nourished by the generosity of the plants and animals therein. My Food Sovereignty I am Cree-Métis, raised by my mother and my grandmother on a homestead … Continue reading Indigenous Food: Reclaiming Traditions, Rights, and Future

Beefy Recipes for Pot Roast, Soup and Lasagna

Winter’s so close, and with the arrival of the chilly weather comes a desire for comfort food. If you’ve signed up for a Beef CSA with one of our local farmers, put that certified organic, ethically raised beef to good use with one of these classic, soul-satisfying recipes. BEEF POT ROAST Add some oil to a hot pan, and brown the roast on all sides. … Continue reading Beefy Recipes for Pot Roast, Soup and Lasagna

Soup Season: Recipes to Warm You From the Inside Out

There’s nothing that makes the transition from fall to winter easier than the smell of soup simmering on the stove (and warming our bellies). Soup is warming, healthy, nourishing and affordable. It’s a versatile meal for all seasons — from light bisques to brothy bowls to hearty meals. It can be an appetizer or the main, and is adaptable to all sorts of dietary interests, … Continue reading Soup Season: Recipes to Warm You From the Inside Out

Salads for All Seasons

Salads aren’t just for spring and summer, when the local produce is plentiful – you can adapt a salad dramatically depending on what’s in season. Here are a few of our favourite salads and rice bowls for now or later. GREEN GODDESS RICE BOWLFrom Eating by the Seasons 1 head broccoli1 head bok choy, torn1 bunch green kale, torn1 bunch swiss chard, torn6 cups cooked … Continue reading Salads for All Seasons

Fermentation 101

  By guest blogger Nicole Marcoux, RHN Fermentation is one of the oldest and easiest methods of food preservation. One of the most well-known examples of a wild fermented food is sauerkraut. Fermenting is so simple. If you have salt, a jar, and some vegetables, you’re basically done. The fermentation method I use most often is wild fermentation, which simply means that the bacteria and … Continue reading Fermentation 101

Companions in the Garden

Since my first foray into the world of gardening, the veggies I’ve grown have always been in a community of friends: at school gardens, community gardens, and now on an urban farm. It’s fun and comforting to share the experience of growing food with companions and what better way to do this than in a setting that is designed to be public, open, and inclusive … Continue reading Companions in the Garden

If There Were No Plants in the World, Would We Have Food to Eat?

“If there were no plants in the world, would we have food to eat?”  This was a question asked to groups of grade 4s participating in the Good Food First club this week. “Cheese!”, suggested a few kids. Good idea. But as we trace it back we realize that cheese comes from milk, milk from cows and cows, well cows eat grass. “Candy!”. Yells out … Continue reading If There Were No Plants in the World, Would We Have Food to Eat?

Adventures in Winter Gardening

The weather today was so lovely that I almost started feeling that spring had finally arrived.  I’m too much of a weather pragmatist to trust that is the case, although I’ve learned that gardening in our climate can really surprise you when it comes to what you thought was possible. Last autumn I caught the 4-season gardening bug after reading Niki Jabbour’s great book, The … Continue reading Adventures in Winter Gardening