How to Raise Chickens in the City

Today’s post was written by Sarah Dubé. Sarah is a graduate student pursuing a Master of Planning. She is passionate about food sovereignty and hopes to have an educational permaculture farm someday. The October 5 workshop presented by the Ecology Action Centre offered an excellent starting point for anyone interested in raising chickens in the city. Upon arriving, it was promising to see such a … Continue reading How to Raise Chickens in the City

Ornamental Veggies

Gardeners around the world were outraged by the recent story about the American woman who was fined and even threatened with jail time for simply building a vegetable garden in her front yard.  The municipal by-laws in her town of Oak Park, a Detroit suburb, stated that front yards must be covered with suitable plant material, and her five tidy raised beds filled with petunias and tomato … Continue reading Ornamental Veggies